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Remy decides to rinse off in the shower and as she comes out, she sees that Johnny is back early from his trip. She asks what's going while in her towel and Johnny just unloads on her, he tells her that he got into a fight with his wife on their vacation and she went over to her mom's house. On top of that, Johnny isn't even getting laid anymore. Remy sees that as a problem and as a good house keeper, she's willing to give Johnny a helping hand, rather her pussy in this case!

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Julia Ann and her husband Rocco have discussed having a threesome for a long, long time now, and while having a post-dinner talk about Rocco's friend Bill, Julia's ready for the real thing. The couple invite Bill over and surprise him with horny and married Julia and her big tits naked on the couch, save for the black stockings sexing up her legs. The fun begins when she starts sucking Bill's big dick, and then her husband pounds her wet pussy from behind.

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